Sunday, November 29, 2009

Universal Knife Block: Give Peace a Chance

A few years ago, as wedding presents, we received several very good knives. They weren't sets, but instead some very sharp individual chef's knives and a paring knife or two. Right after the wedding we moved to Tucson and into a fairly small kitchen.

My new husband was convinced he'd slice his arm off on one of those wall mounted magnetic strips, so the knives went into the drawer along with the silverware. It's annoyed me since the day they went in.

  1. You don't treat good knives like that
  2. Trying to find your favorite knife in a drawer that also contains cutlery, serving utensils, coffee filters, straws, and a one-off plastic forks and spoons is just annoying
  3. That annoyance can get dicey (get it? knife post? dicey? *sigh*) when sharp edges are involved.

Months later while wandering in a dream-like state through Williams-Sonoma (swear they put something in those free samples), after petting the KitchenAid mixers in pastel shades, and delighting in the gadget wall ... I came across a universal knife block. I remember petting it and sticking random thin objects in it at the store and feeling oh-so-happy: girl claps were used. It was genius! Hundreds of tines shoved in a block that you can nestle knife blades of all shapes, sizes, and creeds into!

But, like most swoon-worthy items at WS, the price was just too high for me at the time.

Last night I became the proud owner of the Kapoosh Universal Knife Block. Purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond for $29.95 it now sits on my counter with all my good knives in place.

The very few negative reviews on Amazon suggest that when shoving things into it, you can decimate the plastic tinage that makes the Kapoosh so awesome.  I say bring it. I'm fairly gentle with my kitchen appliances and a good dose of forewarning should be enough to keep them in good shape for at least a year. KAPOOSH!

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